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Study Tour in Tanzania

Study Tour in Tanzania! Want to make learning fun for children? Arrange for an educational tour. It is the best way to allow students to experience the things they learn in class. While classroom education is necessary for gaining knowledge about the curriculum, educational tour operators can add the fun element. They create a sense of curiosity. These interactive educational tours for students allow children to gain in depth knowledge about various subjects.

Rehoboth Safaris has education tour packages which are specifically designed in keeping with the curriculum. Whether you are taking kindergarten or high school students, the student tour packages are optimized to their needs. Educational tour operators have multiple options ranging from day trips and visits to parks, museums and zoos to industrial visits.

Benefits of Educational Tours:

There are multiple benefits of an educational tour. Children are not only exposed to an external environment; they learn to interact with others to gather more information about subjects and concepts. It also promotes a healthy sharing of ideas. The practical implementation of concepts to real life is the biggest takeaway of these trips. If you are thinking about education tour packages with Rehoboth Safaris, rest assured about everything from planning to guidance.

Educational tours for students also take children away from their comfort zones. They experience the outside world, learn to communicate with others and break social barriers to a large extent. It fosters a spirit of independence. Children learn different cultural values, and it also helps to hone their leadership skills.

What are the types of Educational Tours?

Students of various age groups look forward to educational tours such as visits to museums, zoos, aquariums, historical sites, wildlife safaris, eco-adventure trips, industrial visits & international tours. These educational tour packages are arranged by educational tour operators for a single day or multiple days. At Rehoboth Safaris educational tours are broadly classified as (1) Field trips (2) International Tours (3) Domestic tours.

How to prepare for the educational tour?

Parents and teachers can help the children follow the below steps to make the best out of their tour.

Plan educational tours for students in advance by exploring Travel Mate student tour packages.

Discuss the learning objectives of the tour.

Encourage observation with note-taking and photography.

Plan group activities to build social bonding.

Set rules and regulations that need to be strictly followed to.

What are the popular theme of the educational tour package?

One-day trips or multi-day tours for students of various age groupsĀ  arranged based on following popular themes:

Historical; visit to forts, palaces, archaeological centers etc.

Landscape; visits to hill stations, beaches, forests etc.

Learning; visits to museum, art galleries, science fairs, zoo & industries.

What are the learning Outcomes of an educational tour?

Some of the learning outcomes for students are?

Social behavior and etiquette,

Exposure to places,

Subjects and concepts, and

Gaining practical knowledge of how ideas and conceptsĀ  implemented in real life.

backpack essentials when going to an educational tour

Make a list of things to pack;

  • School IDs,
  • Vaccine Certificates
  • Travel documents,
  • Essential medicines,
  • Toiletries,
  • Stationaries,
  • Clothes and shoes that are suitable for the region they are travelling to.

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