Hadzabe Tribe Tanzania

The Unique Hadzabe Tribe, Tanzania is home to a stunning, mysterious, shallow, and alkaline lake that is surrounded by the majestic Great Rift Valley. The Hadzabe or Hadza, the last hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania and one of the few in all of Africa, call Lake Eyasi home. This fact alone contributes to the lake’s obvious beauty.

With little more than 30 people in each community, there are roughly 1,300 people living in temporary shelters made of dried grass and branches.

According to genetic studies, this tribe may represent one of the oldest roots in the human family tree, history dates back maybe more than 100,000 years.

Despite constant contact with groups who depend on agriculture, they have managed to maintain their gathering lifestyle despite changes in the times. The Hadzabe don’t have any animals, so they hunt with homemade bows and arrows, gather honey, and harvest edible plants to survive.

Men are responsible for the first two duties, while women are in charge of the final one. They consume mostly plants, but they also occasionally eat meat and honey. A few core individuals make up each Hadzabe camp, but the majority of people come and go as they wish. No Hadzabe adult has power over another, and the Hadzabe do not recognize any official leaders.

The Hadzane language, which is an unusual symphony of tongue clicks and glottic pops, is one of this tribe’s most unique qualities. Given that Hadzane is not closely related to any existing languages, linguists assert that it is an isolated language.

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