10 Tips for a Successful Climb on Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes

The six Mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes vary not only in length, cost and scenery. They also have different difficulty levels and different success rates.

  • Selecting a Kilimanjaro climb route is one of the most important decisions you have to make.
  • The other one is selecting a Kilimanjaro tour operator/trekking agency.

There is no single best Mt. Kilimanjaro climb route. Which route up Kilimanjaro is the best for you depends on several factors:

  • The time and money you have available
  • Previous experience and fitness
  • The time of the year
  • Personal preference

Let’s look at the individual Kilimanjaro climbing routes and who they are suitable for:

  • The Marangu Route: the only Kilimanjaro climb route that…

Mount Kilimanjaro Group Trekking

Below are 5 reasons to join a Kilimanjaro group climb

1. Prevent Loneliness

It’s true. Humans are wired to connect with one another. We have the…

Zanzibar Island, Why Visit?

Zanzibar Island is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and coral reefs. But Zanzibar does not only offer laid-back beach life and watersport activities but also a colorful culture and history. The old Stone Town is amazing mix of culturesFood lovers and culture enthusiasts can visit interesting cultural places like Sultan’s Palace, the House of Wonders and Darajani or Forodhani food markets. You can go on a Spice Tour or explore the amazing coral reefs and swim among tropical reef fish. The opportunities are endless. We selected for you 4 great excursions to do when visiting Zanzibar.

Nakupenda beach

Nakupenda Beach is a large sandbank in the middle of…

Big five Safari Tanzania

Big five Safari is one of the main reasons for people travel to Tanzania. This is because Tanzania has been named the best place in Africa to see these animals. Tanzania is special because you can find the Big Five here in their natural habitat. We will explain why Tanzania has also been voted the best country to spot these wild animals in this blog.rhino

What are the Big Five?

The term “Big Five” has been commonly used since a long time but has a less pleasant background. It used to be very popular among hunters to shoot an animal from the Big Five. These would…

What Safari Vehicles do we use?

What Safari Vehicles do we use? What makes a vehicle a safari car? And, are all safari cars created equal? Does it really matter if the car for your safari is a quality vehicle, as long as it runs?

We are here to answer all your safari-related questions and steer you in the right direction.

Safari Vehicles


Why is a good safari car important?

The majority of a safari in Africa, and specifically, Tanzania, is spent inside of a safari car. Having a professional guide and a good safari car are probably the most important aspects of any safari. Skimping on either of these may have disastrous results and ruin your safari experience.


Balloon Safari Tanzania

Hot Air Balloon Safari

The A hot air balloon Safari above savannah where the flocks of zebras and antelopes is one of the most exciting adventures available for those travelling to Tanzania. The classic  off-road vehicle safaris may hardly become boring even if you visit the some park.

Wildebeests are well seen from the balloon basket


Today, the tourists have a chance to soar above the places most worthy of observation. What is there to see with your own eyes, from a height of 320 or even 1600 ft?  How would that be, flying above Tanzania in a wicker basket? Read on,…

What to Bring on Tanzania Safari?

What to Bring on Tanzania Safari? When packing for a safari, the most important thing is moderation. While there is no need to go minimalist, you also don’t want to carry an abundance of unnecessary luggage across Africa with you. Remember, travelers on safari will move with their luggage in the safari vehicle throughout the tour. For the days spent in the same hotel or lodge, of course, you will leave your bags back in your room. Hence, if you bring too much luggage it could be an inconvenience or even a hindrance to wildlife viewing.

Tanzania Safari A variety of climbing equipment in large quantities on a wooden background…

Hadzabe Tribe Tanzania

The Unique Hadzabe Tribe

The Unique Hadzabe Tribe, Tanzania is home to a stunning, mysterious, shallow, and alkaline lake that is surrounded by the majestic Great Rift Valley. The Hadzabe or Hadza, the last hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania and one of the few in all of Africa, call Lake Eyasi home. This fact alone contributes to the lake’s obvious beauty.

With little more than 30 people in each community, there are roughly 1,300 people living in temporary shelters made of dried grass and branches.

According to genetic studies, this tribe may represent one of the oldest roots in the human family tree,…

family safari

Traveling With Your Family? Here is what you Should Know!

Family memories are among the best, aren’t they? the ones that we cherish and share with the people we love most. A safari is an ideal way to honor your closest relationships in the most natural setting possible. a thrill experienced by all in conjunction with nature. a journey full with creatures and legendary settings.

Do you have any children? We promise it’s secure, enjoyable, and rewarding.

People of all ages are constantly sparked by the natural world. As a family-friendly tour operator, we appreciate the opportunity to host children and enjoy their contagious and unceasing energy.